June 2020 Special Circumstance Arbitration Procedures

05/19/2020 1:31 PM | Judy Pfeiffer (Administrator)

Please use the link to review the memo from the Chairman outlining and explaining the procedures that will be in effect beginning June 1st.   Please note the following highlights:

  1. All status calls and pre-trials will take place via Webex.  Only actual trials and pro se approvals require appearances.
  2. All cases that do not receive a trial date (either via the call because they are above the line or motion) will be RTC’d regardless of whether they are above the line.
  3. All cases that receive a trial date will be set for the first half of the docket for pre-trial. All pre-trials will occur via Webex.
  4. If trial is desired, the arbitrator will set it for trial at a set time during the second half of the docket.
  5. The requesting party must provide notice of the trial date in writing of the scheduled hearing date.
  6. A copy of all motions must be emailed to the arbitrator no less than 48 hours in advance of the status call.
  7. Downstate pro se approvals are to be arranged with the Arbitrator for an appearance date via email.
  8. Chicago pro se approvals will be on Wednesdays.
  9. PPE is required for everyone for all appearances.

The calendar for June is attached along with the Chairman’s memo.  

Vitas J. Mockaitis,  President | Michelle Lafayette Vice President | Catherine Doan, Treasurer Christine M. Jagodzinski, Secretary

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